• Brian and Monica Mitchell
    Ourisman Kia Owners

    The Mitchell family poses with their new Kia.  Brian is a former Washington Redskins running back and Super Bowl Champion!

  • Mr. Kamil Safoglu and Mrs. Ulku Gozen
    Ourisman Kia Owners

    Congrats to Mr. Kamil Safoglu and Mrs. Ulku Gozen on their beautifully matching new Kia Soul!

 A recent email from our customer Tracy Chandler:

A-mazing!! So a few times I started to write about my experience with Billy Brown & his team at Ourisman KIA and stopped because I wanted to make sure I took the time to truly describe my experience.

First class, top notch....Ourisman KIA by FAR exceeded my expectations! I've always been big on customer service, quick responding and truly making clients/residents/etc know that they matter. So I kinda dreaded car shopping because That's not how salesmen typically are. I knew it was time to get a new car but I didn't know where to start on the hunt?!

Billy Brown and Ourisman KIA of Chantilly have been a long time sponsor of our community and we have built a great working relationship. I had read rave reviews from friends and residents on their experience with Billy and team and always felt like it sounded far to "easy" buying a car!!

My intention was to start with Billy because I trusted and valued the relationship we had built through the years. I didn't intend to necessarily buy a KIA but to keep an open mind. I stopped by quickly between kids games, told him what was important to me in a car. He listened. He knew me as a person- not a Sale. He selected a car for me just off my verbal very vague description. I didn't even know what models, levels, etc there were and I'm just not into that. I drove that car for a day. I kept feeling like this is way to easy- it's exactly what I wanted!? So I returned to the dealership wanting to see options only because I needed to feel like I put in some effort. Nope. His pick was a perfect match!

So, Chris (the guy flying around making deals with other salesmen)- was so personable. He explained options, sat down with me- and wasn't there to "make a sale" but give options with zero pressure! (I hate feeling pushed into buying something!)

I was all in! He literally picked up the keys and tossed them to a service guy like in a movie with lots of moving parts so they could prep the car while I signed. The finance guy was friendly, personable and wasn't trying to upsell items but just explain.

I received the car the following day with a BIG RED bow when I pulled in!!! The two guys walked me through the car with excitement talking about all the awesome features in the car... even more excited then!

Holy moly.... what dealership in Northern Virginia goes out of their way like this and it be genuine??

Look- if you're in the market for a new car... just go to Ourisman KIA Chantilly... start there... you won't need to waste your time driving all over town hunting!

Billy and team... Thank you. Your dealership is 1st class and I know understand the KIA craze I kept hearing about!! The Chandler family will certainly be back!!

I love my KIA!!! ❤

 Happy Ourisman Chantilly Kia Customers





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The Best Kia Dealer in NOVA. "I have been purchasing and leasing new vehicles for over 40 years in NOVA, and these guys are the best I've seen." - Michael O

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"My husband and I had a great experience with this Kia dealership! Really happy with our purchase."
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